Hand Picked Fire Extinguishers, Blankets and Smoke Alarms

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Hand Picked Fire Extinguishers, Blankets and Smoke Alarms

We wanted to say "curated list of products" but the guys in our office said the word "curated" was too fancy so we chose "hand picked" instead!

If you look for fire extinguisher in your favorite search engine, you will find plenty of options, and if you're like us, you really want to know you have selected the best product to suit your family needs.

To help, we created a curated hand picked list of products that we use in our own homes.

We drew on our years of experience and knowledge of the fire protection industry to draw up a list of criteria that we used to select each product available from our online store;

  • Quality & reliability
  • Australian Standard AS1841 compliance
  • Value for money
  • Usage & mounting options
  • Size and capacity
  • Brand reputation, warranty & support
  • Appearance

So if your searching around the internet looking for the right fire safety product for your family, home, caravan, car, and boat then we believe we have the right combination of products for you.

All of our products offer a comprehensive three year warranty and come complete with access to our FREE online training, support and maintenance library.

About Firewize

We are a family owned business based in Melbourne, our background is in commercial fire safety serving some of Australia's largest corporate property owners.  We know our stuff and members of our team serve to support the fire industry and various capacities such as the development of Australian Standards.