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Air-Water 9.0Lt Fire Extinguisher

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Air-Water 9.0Lt Fire Extinguisher

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The Air Water 9.0 Lt fire extinguisher is primarily used in areas areas where a steady water source is not available. The Air Water fire extinguisher can be used on paper, wood, grasses, small plastics, dries goods to name a few. Comes pre pressured and ready for use.

Made with a full stainless steel body, and stainless steel handles, the Air Water fire extinguisher is now corrosive resistant making it ideal in a range of environments. Easily distinguishable by its full red powder coated body also making it UV resistant.

Re gas via the schrader valve located at the back of the head.

Note: This fire extinguisher can only be used on Class (A) type fires.

Optional Extra: Heavy Duty Vehicle Mounting Bracket

Ideal Use
  • Combustibles (paper and wood)
  • Fabrics, Small Plastics
  • External Commercial and Residential Sheds & Storage
  • External Small Grass
  • Ultra high resistant UV resistant coating
  • Directional Hose
  • Refillable Unit
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Nickel Plated Brass Valve
  • High Performance Rating
  • Warranty - 3 years*
  • Shelf Life - 5 years
Agent Capacity 9.0L
Gross Mass 12.4Kg
Effective Range 6m
Fire Rating
- Class (A)
Discharge Time (s) 65
Dimensions W x H (mm) 181 x 630
Stored Pressure kPa 700
Test Pressure MPa 2.5
Approval AS/NZS 1841.2
Warranty Years* 3
Our Portable Fire Extinguishers are guaranteed against defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for a maximum period of three years* in non-aggressive environments from the manufacture date stamped on the cylinder. The warranty only applies when the fire extinguishers are installed to Australian Standard AS 2444 and serviced in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1851. *The three year warranty includes a replacement unit within the first 12 months from the date of order, followed by repair warranty for remaining two years (unless otherwise advised). Warranty excludes return freight.
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