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Detector Smoke, Notifier FSP-951 AUS Addressable

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Detector Smoke, Notifier FSP-951 AUS Addressable

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The FSP-951 series of fire detectors from Notifier is setting new benchmarks in the sleek look and feel of addressable smoke detectors with its modern white contemporary design.

The Notifier FSP-951 has the ability to sense smoke from a wider range of sources due to the new unique optical sensing chamber, and is compatible with the existing FSP-851 series detector base.

  • Detector sensitivity can be programmed in the control panel software;
  • Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the panel from each detector;
  • Quick fit lock in system for speedy replacement;
  • Point ID capability allows each detector's address to be easily set with a pair of rotary address switches, providing exact detector location for selective maintenance when chamber contamination reaches an unacceptable level;
  • Removable cover and insect-resistant screen for simple field cleaning.

FSP-951 detectors are compatible with all Notifier intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels ("FACP") such as a Notifier 2800 and Notifier 3030 in CLIP or Flashscan modes.

Available in Pure White

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