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Fire Rated Sealant

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Fire Rated Sealant

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FyreFLEX® sealant (also known as firemastic or fire caulking) is water-based, acrylic sealant with intumescent properties designed to restrict the spread of smoke, heat and fire between rated walls, ceilings, and compartments.

With a fire rating of 4 hours per AS1530.4:2014 and an RW54 acoustic performance, this product comes in 300ml (tube), 600ml (sausage), and 10L (bucket) sizes.

Easily applied with a standard caulking gun, it is especially suitable for thin, hard to reach areas. FyreFLEX® works great for data communication cabling, power cables trays, steel copper piping, wall floor joints, and can be painted over if white (for finished walls & plasterboard) or left as is if grey (for concrete applications).

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