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2.5kg Dry Powder ABE Fire Extinguisher

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2.5kg Dry Powder ABE Fire Extinguisher

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Firewize 2.5kg ABE Dry Powder - Industry Leader for Performance

Highly crafted fire extinguisher with heavy duty hose and skirt, machined handles for added strength, makes this easy to use 2.5Kg multi purpose extinguisher the most popular on the market.

The performance rating of 4A:40B:E is unparalleled amongst its peers, comparable to some 4.5Kg agent weight brands being sold. Comes with a wall hanging hook, and a vehicle mounting bracket for use in the caravan, camper or even a small truck or bus.

This is the 'go to' fire extinguisher for Short Term Rental Accommodations (STRA), AirBnB's.

Available in Fire Extinguisher and Blanket Combo Pack Medium

Ideal Use
  • Small Shops, Workshops, Garages
  • Small Work Vans, Trade Utes and Trucks
  • Switchboards
  • Caravans, Boats and Trailers
  • Office
  • High quality thick powder coating
  • Protective coating with increased UV resistance.
  • Heavy duty base skirt designed to protect the vessel from physical damage.
  • Fitted with a heavy duty robust hose, a must for accurate use.
  • Supplied with vehicle or wall bracket.
  • Pre pressurised and ready for use
  • Shelf life - 5 years
  • 3 year warranty*
Agent Capacity 2.5Kg
Gross Mass 4.3Kg

Fire Rating
- Class (A)
- Class (B) Flammable Liquids
- Class (E) Electrical

Discharge Time (s) 14.3
Dimensions W x H (mm) 130 x 383
Stored Pressure kPa 1400
Test Pressure MPa 2.5
Approval AS/NZS 1841.5
Warranty Years* 3
Our Portable Fire Extinguishers are guaranteed against defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for a maximum period of three years* in non-aggressive environments from the manufacture date stamped on the cylinder. The warranty only applies when the fire extinguishers are installed to Australian Standard AS 2444 and serviced in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1851. *The three year warranty includes a replacement unit within the first 12 months from the date of order, followed by repair warranty for remaining two years (unless otherwise advised). Warranty excludes return freight.
Fire Extinguisher and Blanket Combo Packs

Upgrade to a Combination Pack and SAVE!

We have made available a range of Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket combinations to assist you.

Ideal for home, rental or short stay properties, caravans & campers.


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