Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 3.5kg

Medium sized extinguisher with aluminium body and brass head coated in high quality nickel plated for additional protection. Stainless steel handles to reduce corrosion. High pressure hose with moulded directional horn for easy directional use. 

This is more commonly used strategically throughout Health and Aged Care Facilities due to its low irritant contents. After use, the contents evaporate, so there is no clean up, and no small air particles. There is less harm to the respiratory system of patients and residents alike.

Fire Class Suitability

  1. Class (B) Flammable Liquids (Small)
  2. Class (E) Electrical (Primary)

Ideal for Healthcare - Hospitals, Medical Centres, Aged Care, Electrical Equipment, Computer Rooms, Offices

All fire extinguishers are pre pressurised and ready for use.