Smoke Detector, SIGA-PSI Addressable

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The SIGA-PSI Analogue Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector suitable for the Edwards EST3 and EST3x fire detection & alarm systems.

The SIGA-PSI intelligent photo-electric smoke detector forms part of the Edwards Signature Series intelligent initiating device range of fire detectors as well as mounting bases, multiple-function input and output modules, and user-friendly maintenance and service tools.

According to Edwards, when used with EST3 and EST3X control panels, Signature Series devices represent the most advanced detection technology available today.

At the heart of each Signature Series device is an onboard microprocessor that analyses these signals and decides whether or not to input an alarm.

The power of this approach, known as distributed intelligence, provides four important benefits: self-diagnostics and history logging; automatic device mapping; stand-alone operation; and fast, stable communication.

The Signature Loop Controller learns where each device’s serial number is installed relative to other devices on the circuit. The controller keeps a map of all Signature Series devices connected to it. With interactive menus and graphic support, the wired circuits between each device can be examined.

Device mapping allows the Signature Loop Controller to discover:

  • unexpected additional device addresses;
  • missing device addresses; and,
  • changes to the wiring in the circuit.

Standard Features

  • Integral microprocessor
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Automatic device mapping
  • Electronic addressing
  • Environmental compensation
  • Intelligent detector
  • Twenty pre-alarm sensitivity values, set in 5% increments¹
  • Identification of dirty or defective detectors
  • Automatic day/night sensitivity adjustment
  • Twin RED/GREEN status LEDs
  • Standard, relay, fault isolator, and audible mounting bases
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

Suitability Matrix

Test Fire SIGA-PSI (Photo) SIGA-PHSI (Photo/Heat)
Open Wood unsuitable
very suitable
Wood Pyrolysis optimum
Smouldering Cotton optimum
Polyurethane Foam very suitable
very suitable
n Heptane very suitable
Liquid Fire without Smoke unsuitable
very suitable