Fire Hose Reels

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Fire hose reels are intended for carbonaceous type fires such as grass, wood, paper, combustible materials as an example. When connected to the water source, the reel is fully charged and ready for use.

Mounting of the fire hose reel should be on a fixed wall or sturdy vertical surface. When mounting the fire hose reel take into account the location of the water source, and allow for the correct distance for coverage.

The fire hose reel is designed to allow for a smooth approach to a fire when unravelling the hose from the drum. The nozzle in the open position provides the user full control, from spray to jet type flow by twisting the nozzle.

All fire hose reels come as a complete package compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1221, allowing for a quick and easy installation.

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    • High quality thick powder coating with increased UV resistance
    • Brass Lock in Gate Valve
    • Wall bracket
    • Heavy Duty PVC Hose
    • Brass directional nozzle
    • Hose Guide
  • Specifications
    Gross Weight (Kg) 22.0 27.0
    Ball Valve Zinc Coated 25mm Brass
    Drum Steel
    Swivel Arm Zinc Coated Steel
    Inlet Union Gal
    Inlet Pressure kPa
    Working Pressure kPa Max 1350 1350
    Dimensions - W / H / D(mm) 540/540/220 550/550/300
    Hose PVC
    Dimensions (mm) 19 19
  • Fire Hose Reels are guaranteed against defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for a maximum period of one year* in non-aggressive environments from the date of purchase.

    The warranty only applies when the fire hose reel is installed to Australian Standard AS 2444 and serviced in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1851.

    The one year warranty includes a replacement of the defective part within the first 12 months from the date of order. Warranty excludes return freight.

    • Fitted Fire Hose Reel Cover is designed to comfortably fit around the entire drum. UV protected. Ideal for extreme indoor environments.
    • Heavy Duty Fire Hose Reel Protector is ideal for those externally mounting points, protecting it from the elements. The cover prevents direct sunlight, rain, and debris from damaging or lodging in the drum.
    • Brass Jet Nozzle allows for a strong steady stream of water controlled by a single action ball valve.
    • Brass Twist Nozzle allows for smooth adjustments from spray to jet
    • Retrofit Hose Guide comes with adjustable clamp and bolts, swivel points and heavy duty rollers
    • Brass Gate Valve zinc coated with single action. Ball valve comes with nozzle retainer
    • Hose Replacement 36m x 19mm PVC heavy duty hose.