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Fire Hydrant Storz 65mm Forged Adaptor

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Fire Hydrant Storz 65mm Forged Adaptor

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Premium 65mm Storz fire hydrant adaptor, used in converting the standard fire hydrant landing valve to the quick fit Storz system. Cold drop forged in aluminium complete with nitrile rubber gasket firmly fitted at the thread.

This adaptor comes in a variety of thread types depending on the state and local fire authority.

5/Thread = Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV/MFB)

3/Thread = Country Fire Authority Victoria (CFA)

Clause 3.4 of AS 2419.2-2009 and clause 3.5 of AS 2419.3-2012 specify that Storz hose connections shall be manufactured in aluminium or copper alloy using forged processes.

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