Fire Hydrant Anti Tamper Cover & integrated 003 lock

STOP   malicious damage and unwanted use of fire hydrants flooding your building!

Recently a Melbourne Residential Apartment Building stairwell fire hydrants were opened, causing considerable water damage, and displacing residents for days from their apartments.

Did you know this is not the first time something of this nature has occurred, in fact this is a recurring theme every 3-4 months across evert capital city across Australia.

  • Are you the owner or manager of a commercial property, residential property, shopping centre, school, university or car park?
  • Do you have 1 or more fire hydrant landing valves in your building?
  • Have you found it "accidently" turned on, even partially leaving water on the floor?
  • Has there been water damage or localised flooding?

WORSE! - Has the local brigade turned up leaving you with a massive bill for attending site and cleanup?

    If the answer is YES, then you will be aware of the significant costs involved. Physical damage, emergency repairs, loss of amenity, clean up, lost time and insurance. All of this and not to mention the risk from fire because the other fire systems are no longer available.

    A simple, quick and cost effective solution is to install this amazing ANTI TAMPER WHEEL COVER with INTEGRATED 003 LOCK.

    • Fully encapsulates the fire hydrant wheel
    • Integrated locking barrel with brigade approved 003 key system.
    • UV stabilized enabling use for inside or outside applications.
    • Emergency cut away hinge
    • Best of all NO exposed parts, NO extra hanging padlock

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