Multi Purpose Dry Chemical Powder AB(E) Fire Extinguisher

Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher, commonly used within commercial business. Protective coating to add to the UV resistance. Durable hose and nozzle, Thick base skirt to protect from physical damage to the cylinder and corrosion to the cylinder from water or other liquids. Comes complete with a universal mounting bracket for plaster or masonry walls.

Fire Class Suitability:

  • Class (A) Combustible
  • Class (B) Flammable Liquids
  • Class (E) Electrical

Ideal uses for this multi-purpose fire extinguisher:

  • Electrical Switchboards, Mechanical Switchboards
  • Mechanical Garages, Workshops, Welding
  • Buses, Trucks, Utilities, Boats, Marine 
  • Mining, Industrial Plants

Optional Extras:

  • Stainless Steel Premium Model
  • Vehicle Mount Bracket